The Advantages of Owning Gold

1 Oz American Gold EagleTo discuss the merits of investing in gold bars and bullion, one needs to first consider the asset itself. If you want to invest in a commodity like gold successfully, you will need to spend some time on due diligence, which requires study and insight into the long-term fundamentals, however the proof that gold costs are rising is offered if you know where to look.

Gold bullion is real and tangible. You can touch it and hold it – even a small bar has a real heft in your hand. Gold is like a form of cash that cannot be devalued when a Federal government decides to slide its neck into the noose of financial obligation that they have inadvertently created for themselves. Gold has always been globally accepted, and can effortlessly be purchased and marketed throughout the world.

Gold Is Universally Accepted

The majority of gold bullion actively traded in the open market are in the form of gold bars that start off in the 10 ounce size. There are one ounce gold bars, but personally I prefer to stick with the more common one ounce gold coins like the American Eagle or Canadian Maple Leaf. These coins are easy to carry and are easily recognizable and exchangeable anywhere in the world.

The main advantage of having smaller one ounce coins is purely one of convenience. If you happen to fall on hard times and need to sell your gold, you will be hard pressed to sell your 10 ounce gold bar at the local shop. At least with a single gold coin you will always have a better chance of being able to go to the local bar or shop and get cash for your coin.

We live in difficult times and the choices that we are faced with us are not always specifically what we desire them to be, yet if you are considering buying gold bars, you simply may discover that there are a lot more gold investment options available if you look at some of the smaller forms of gold like coins.

Gold Is Always In Demand

Demand for gold is certainly rising, particularly in the last few years due to various governments’ lack of ability to assist businesses throughout this financial dilemma.

The outcome of these policies will certainly be a prolonged economic crisis. The main point to bear in mind is that gold is in a booming market and the future is bright for gold spending for the foreseeable future. Whether it is gold bars, gold stocks, gold coins, or gold ETFs, the future is brilliant for gold investing and the opportunities therein are better than ever before.

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